Shopping is exercise?

Yes, going to the grocery store to get your whole nutritious foods or to the mall can also be used as an opportunity to move more and as a result burn off additional calories.

Here are a couple of strategies that you may not currently be employing. The goal will be to increase the number of steps we take each day without changing your normal routine.


1.       Park as far away from the store as possible and still be safe. If at night, park in well lighted area. Better yet, if you live within walking distance of the store, walk or bike.

2.       Shop daily if possible.

3.       When in the store walk around the entire outside aisles first. This is most likely where the whole foods are located, anyway, and then walk each of the other aisles prior to checking out.

4.       If you’re going to the mall, park on the end of the mall lot furthest away from the shop you intend as your destination.

5.       If you take your groceries to a car using a shopping cart, return the cart to the store’s return area. This alone will add many additional steps per year and yield high returns in calorie burning.

What do you think?

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