Sockeye Salmon and Shrimp Tacos with Red Pepper Hummus, Chile Paste and Greek Yogurt

Recipe courtesy of Chef Bren Ankrum – Culinary Editor

The following recipe is an opportunity to use several of the product recipes previously published here on the site and bring them together in combination for a unique set of flavor dynamics to create simple yet elegant tacos, using seasonal fresh wild caught Sockeye salmon and Key West Pink Shrimp. Incorporated into this recipe is coconut oil, which we’ve discussed in a previous nutrition article, as our frying  and sauteing oil.

Equipment needed:

Knife and cutting board, sauté pan (2), tongs


6 oz. Sockeye Salmon filet cut into 1 inch strips

4 large Key West Pink Shrimp or other peeled, veins removed, and cut in half lengthwise

5 corn tortillas

¼ cup coconut oil

1 tbsp. chile paste

1 tbsp. Greek yogurt plain

2 tbsp. red pepper hummus

4 fresh chile peppers with stem end removed

4 leaves of chard cut into julienne

1 oz. of sharp cheddar cheese shaved into thin pieces

8 tbsp. pico de gallo (Use the recipe linked here without the mango for basic pico de gallo)


  1. Mix the red pepper hummus, yogurt, and chile paste together and place in the refrigerator while completing prep.
  2. Put 1 tbsp. of the coconut oil into a small sauté pan and bring to medium high and once to temperature place the four chiles with tongs into the oil and fry until they turn crispy. Remove to strain or paper towels and add a little salt.
  3. Using the second sauté pan add 2 tbsp. coconut oil and the remaining oil from the pan in which you fried the chiles, bring the oil to medium high, or about 350 degrees F and fry four of the tortillas, both sides, until golden brown around the edges. Remove each to a draining screen or paper towels to rest. Cut the remaining tortilla into roughly two inch long strips by about an eighth of an inch and drop into the oil until each is crispy light golden brown. Remove to draining rack or towel and add a bit of salt.
  4. Reduce the heat in the sauté pan to about medium or about 300 degrees F and add the salmon strips being sure to lay them in so that they do not stick. As soon as one side of each strip is beginning to crisp, turn them over and add the shrimp. When the second side of the salmon is browned remove to rest and finish the shrimp. Try not to overcook either the salmon or the shrimp. Once removed from the heat they will continue to cook for a few minutes.
  5. Place two tortilla shells on each plate and spread on about one tbsp. of the red pepper, chile paste and yogurt mix. Then layer ¼ of the cut chard, the salmon and shrimps, a couple of tbsp. of the pico de gallo, then the thinly shaved pieces of cheddar, some crispy tortilla strips and serve.

Serves: 2

Nutrition Information:

Calories: 714, Fat: 47.5 gm, Cholesterol: 179 mg, Carbohydrates: 34.5 gm, Sodium: 767 mg., Protein: 40.5 gm.

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