For centuries we have farmed the land using water, sun and organic farming techniques of crop rotation, adding nitrogen rich plants for tilling to replenish nutrients. When these techniques are employed synthetic fertilizers and other chemicals are not needed.  There have been many food crops that have undergone safe and successful hybridization techniques to ward off disease and increase production per acre which aids farmers in producing more food in an economical way and we get more food without sophisticated chemistry or alteration.

However, creating genetically modified seeds, (soy, corn, canola, and more) so they can be sprayed with Round Up is not about safer and better food, it is only about large companies and corporate farms making larger profits while at the same time polluting the soil and destroying native crops, all with the USDA/FDA’s blessing. How about genetically altering fish to produce fish that eat twice as much as a native species so it will grow twice as fast and not conducting enough studies to show this fish will be safe for human consumption? The FDA conveniently overlooks scientific scrutiny and warnings from prominent scientists that have unequivocally stated that there is not enough data from unbiased sources to suggest that GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) are, indeed, safe for human consumption. Quite to the contrary, many of these same prominent biological scientists suggest these products may be the root of many health problems and could hold untold dangers for the human genome.

The FDA basically condones corporations like Monsanto destroying, via GMO cross pollination, native heirloom crops which are the life blood of organic farmers. Even more disturbing is that government patent laws allow Monsanto to sue the farmer whose crop they’ve contaminated with GMO pollen and the resulting “franken-seeds” for patent infringement if their patented seed genome are found in any of the organic farmers plants.

Many of these so called improved GMO food crops, animals, and fish are touted as the answer to food shortages and rushed into production, apparently so we won’t starve to death, according to their PR spin. Yet at the same time our tax dollars coupled with our government’s brilliance pays large corporate farms not to grow food on thousands of acres of land and to use systems that pollute the existing land.

It is time to stop supporting inferior foods and polluting farming techniques.  Vote your opinion with your hard earned dollars by purchasing organic food products. As demand increases, more farms are likely to go organic to meet the demand and the price of sustainable organic products should decline with competition for the organic market. Organic farmers are not given tax dollars to help them grow their corps or animals.  They voluntarily go through a long process to have their land inspected and certified organic, and this process is repeated frequently by government agencies under the guise of making sure the consumer is safe. This process is good in the sense that it helps us know a product comes from unpolluted land and safe storage, processing, and handling is in place. It is obvious that the USDA and FDA feel that testing large corporate non organic farms soil for carcinogens, poisons, and other dangerous chemicals is not important and it’s OK for consumer to eat potentially polluted or compromised food crops.  Of course both agencies are riddled with past corporate employees from the giants that produce the bulk of the pesticides, GMO products, and pollutants. Go figure.

You get to choose which products you select at the grocery. Please vote with your food purchase dollars. I vote organic.

Top Reasons to Support Organic

  • Nutrient density from richer soil – feeding the soil with organic matter rather than ammonia and other synthetic fertilizers means higher nutrients in organic fruits and vegetables.
  • No residual chemicals – keep chemicals out of the air, water, soil and our bodies. Run-off from farms using pesticides, growth hormones and synthetic fertilizers cause pollution and dead zones “down stream” in rivers and oceans.
  • No synthetic growth hormones or antibiotics added to livestock or poultry.
  • No Genetically Modified Organisms – 11 years ago, GMO’s were not part of our food supply, yet today 30% of our total cropland is planted with these genetically altered seed, mainly corn, soybeans, canola, cotton, sugar beets, and soon alfalfa.
  • Humanely raised animals allowed to roam and develop over time as they naturally would in a diverse habitat of native plants, birds, and insects.
  • Assist local farmers remain in business.  They are not receiving tax dollars to grow or not grow food. They follow rigid specifications and techniques of a sustainable nature to be certified organic, benefiting the land, water, local habitat and us.

To read more, go to www.centerforfoodsafety.org

What do you think?

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